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Using the language of art to bring children together

April 21, 2017

RYS Italy has set up a project in Ventimiglia on the border of France working with extremely vulnerable children who are moving through Europe alone. In the past two weeks, we have worked with children from over twelve different countries. We have a safe space where both art and sport based programmes are run. Art and sport have a universal language and the children have been able to engage with their peers and staff in a positive way that does not require verbal communication. The results, as seen in the pictures, have been amazing and the children have created outstanding artwork.




It is so important that these children are given this opportunity to be a child and remove themselves even for a short time from their highly dangerous and chaotic lives. These art activities empower children to express themselves and give them an opportunity to create something that they are proud of.


The project in Ventimiglia is working with children who are on the move through Europe. The lack of European policy to protect these children means that they are left to fend for themselves, often taking extremely dangerous risks in their desperate attempt to reach their final destination. Each day children try to get on trains to reach France. Often they are caught by French police and sent back to Italy - it is illegal for any European country to not provide protection for a minor who is on their soil. Children also walk across the mountains from Italy into France. This is extremely dangerous due to the fact they undertake this journey at night and there are few paths to follow and large drops on the route.



A huge thank you to everyone who has donated, we could not have done this vital work without your amazing response. However, this work can only continue with your on-going support. Money and donations are desperately needed to maintain the project.


We are always looking for support for our projects. 


Click here to donate to RYS Italy


Alternatively, if you have unlocked smart phones, power-banks or art supplies that you wish to donate please get in contact via info@refugeeyouthservice.net


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